A New Era in United Methodist Politics: New Parties



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Fundamentalism has no home in the Wesleyan movement

Unless we're conflating all forms of conservative/traditionalist/evangelical theology with fundamentalism, which is erroneous, Fundamentalism is incompatible with a Wesleyan worldview. Despite it's appeal to embrace "ancient Christianity," fundamentalism is a actually rooted in a modernist, rationalist, Enlightenment understanding of how we encounter truth, essentially claiming that all things are ultimately knowable given the proper intellectual tools. Wesleyan thinking embraces mystery as unknowable to mortals--though we may know of something, its essence is beyond our ability to understand. A very readable expansion of the essential incompatibility between Fundamentalism and Wesleyan ways of understanding can be found in Al Truesdale's Square Peg: Why Wesleyans Aren't Fundamentalists. It's really not helpful to meaningful discussion to lump conservative/traditionalist/orthodox/evangelical Methodists in with Fundamentalists--any more than if a traditionalist lumped progressive Methodists in with the Unitarians, apostates, or other groups that have moved beyond the pale of Christian understandings. Fundamentalists, strictly speaking, have nothing to do with mainline Christian churches because they believe we've all fallen away from the faith. An old rule of thumb was whether your local church or denomination supported Billy Graham's crusades. Because Graham only worked ecumenically, fundamentalists wouldn't support him... the mainline did. Given that, you'd be hard pressed to find a true Fundamentalist in a UM church.

John 310 days ago

A new era

And where do you place fundamentalism?

Marilyn Davis 320 days ago

Where to I place Fundamentalism. Ms. Davis??

I and other progressives place Fundamentalists either in their own church or churches if they cannot live in at least the last quarter or the 20th Century or in the 21st Century where science is revered. We, here in the United States, are losing members, especially the younger and or more educated people who do not want disenfranchise their LBGT family and friends.

Carla Skidmore 319 days ago