A Way Out of Impasse Over LGBT Issues?



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We are not “an issue.” Homophobia may be “an issue” but human beings are not. Marriage, ordination, etc. are all issues. Your people are not. You don’t get to even be “pro” on the “issue of us.” Please be careful. Young eyes are watching you.

Marsha Stevens-Pino 75 days ago

Marsha, you’re right

LGBT is not an issue. It is a problem caused by selfish elitist behavior by people who think they know better than everybody else, including God himself.

Steve 75 days ago

Show Me The Money

Whenever the word "affiliation" is used, there is money involved. Where could we see how much money each affiliated theological schools receives from affiliation or pays for it? If some school declares dis-affiliation, I would think the money flow would stop that day. Right?

In the case of Southern Methodist University, not only should the money have stopped, but the use of the Methodist brand should be stopped. It could become "Southern Whatever" or "Southern New Age" or "Southern Whoopy", but if they don't want to be Methodist anymore, they should not use the brand name...

Reese 77 days ago

13 theological schools

Did these schools make a theological argument for this conclusion? I have yet to see a theological case made for the sacramentalization of LGBTQ+ lifestyle. Anyone point me to one? Especially if it can use the JW Quad as its basis.

Brian Evers 78 days ago

LBGTQAI Full Inclusion

The mission of every Christian is to follow what Jesus told us to do. "Love your neighbor as you would love yourself." "Treat everyone as you would want to be treated." Would you want to be denied ordination, after you graduated from seminary? No, you would not. Would you want to be denied the right to marry the person whom you love in the church of which you had been a member since your confirmation? No, you would not. There, dear friends who are members of the WCC is the crux of the matter. Think about it, ponder, and if you are someone who prays, pray about it. I ask this of not only the members, friends and attendees of the UMC but of any church that calls itself "Christian."

Carla Skidmore 75 days ago

If you really THINK about it

You would understand that loving someone does not mean agreeing with them or letting them do whatever they want. Truly loving someone is having the courage to confront them when they’ve made the wrong decision or gone down the wrong path. I love my family and whereas we don’t always agree, we each know we want what is best for each other and keep each other accountable. Love does not equal agree.

Think about it instead of simply repeating the same secular talking points.

Steve 74 days ago

Absolutely Correct!

You hit the nail on the head there, Steve.

And I love you, as a Christian brother.

So let me tell you, in love, that you are wrong on this issue.

Someone can be both gay and devoutly religious. Such a person is every bit as much a child of God as you or I. Be humble in that knowledge.

JR 71 days ago

JR, you’re wrong


Let me tell you that you aren’t the first one to tell me I’m wrong and you probably won’t be the last. I have discussed this issue with many. I have prayed that God would lead me to how best to resolve my own internal conflict. The answer I receive over and over from God is to follow His words and not the words of fallible Man.

I have worshiped with, served with, and generally accepted many gay and devout indiduals. I socialize and conduct business with many such individuals. However, when they, or you, tell me that homosexuality is not a sin, or that God accepts homosexual marriage, you lose all credibility with me and I cannot accept any other of your biblical views as credible and I certainly don’t want you or others of your kind as a church leader.

May God Bless you and your fellow secularists and open your eyes and hearts to follow God’s Word.

Steve 70 days ago

Thank you, Steve

A while ago, I attended my granddaughters church where the pastor addressed the issue of homosexuality and those persons who claim that God loves them as they are because they were "born that way". He reminded the congregation of the story of Jesus and Nicodemus (John, Chapter 3 beginning at verse 1) where Jesus tells Nicodemus that one must be born again through water and the spirit as flesh cannot enter the kingdom of heaven. We are all born sinners. When we accept Jesus Christ as our savior, we are born again, and we turn away from our old sinful natures. God loves his creation. He doesn't love our sin. By the way, my granddaughter attends a non-denominational church. Her pastor probably would have been fired by a UM bishop for this sermon. God bless.

Teresa Dawson 69 days ago

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