Acts Defying Tightened Anti-LGBTQ Polices Continue



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Still waiting...

I am still waiting for the Biblical reasoning for the acceptance of the LGBT lifestyle and the sacramentalization of it too. I am still waiting for the argument for the split using John Wesley's Quadraleral reasoning. Why does all this rebellion talk remind me of the many books Paul wrote about wayward Churchs needing reunited with God's word and intent. If the bible isn't clear about what we should be doing on this topic someone please illustrate where the ambiguity is.

Brian Evers 294 days ago

Brian Evers' use of "sacramentaization"

I'm not for confusing sexual behavior with innate human traits, esp'ly same-gender marriage or practicing the behavior thereof. But I know of no Protestant doctrine of sacramentalized marriage whatsoever. The only two sacraments are Baptism and Communion.
Secular Science Institutions and publications even this day I'm writing are acknowledging there is no DNA or genetic origin for homosexuality.

gregory anderson 233 days ago

Law breakers rewarded

Law breakers being rewarded by cowardly bishops is what caused the current turmoil.

If ain't gonna end any time soon.

Richard F Hicks 302 days ago

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