Analysts: Scrutinize Rule Book Before Deciding to Join New Denomination



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So the Global Methodist Church

sees marriage as one man and one woman. Then there are those who want to re-define marriage. This makes for two very different views. Each seems to see the other as fundamentally troubled. A friendly parting of ways seems best and the most loving thing to do.

Skipper 149 days ago

The reason early Methodism was successful

Was because of the boundaries John Wesley imposed on the societies under his supervision, including what was taught. The concept of connectionalism originated because people chose to connect themselves to John Wesley and his specific set of understandings--something modern United Methodists have absolutely no concept of. John Wesley would be appalled at how Methodism has far surpassed his fear that it would only become the form of religion without the power; it has become a theological mishmash, much of which is not grounded in historic Christianity. John Wesley did not reinvent Christianity for his day and time he reclaimed historic Christianity for the rank and file person.

betsy 152 days ago

Caveat Emptor

Reading this article should bring every "stakeholder"; regardless of their agenda; 'centrist', traditionalist', 'progressive' to stop and prayerfully consider the concept; 'Be careful what you wish for; it may come true'. In many ways, as pointed out by these researchers, things are likely to be a lot of what we already have burdened with a large dose of anger, mean-spiritedness, and exclusiveness. Is that the message we want to send to the world?

w.f. meiklejohn 155 days ago

Laws Unenforced Are Powerless

Any written or unwritten set of laws or rules which are unenforced are worse that useless.

In the last three decades (at least), the UMC has been a muddle of cowards not enforcing its own laws and rules.

This is what brings us to where we are today.

Richard F Hicks 156 days ago