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What's the QUO for $25 million QUID?

$25 million smackers is an awful lot to be paying an underhanded used car salesman for another used car--a slight upgrade, maybe, but still not the shiny new and perfected vehicle we've all been paying for.
(I wrote "praying for" and spellcheck just changed it to "paying for." Poetic justice, maybe, in the age of Father Google Almighty?)
As much as I despise the superficiality of Patrick Scriven's car analogy, I can and will use it to make a couple of major points!
First, Maxie and his minions just got a HUGE payoff just to leave en masse and stop threatening to sink the Titanic with the financially unsustainable option of "miles of trials" in the traditionalist plan.
Bishop Scott J. Jones memorably promised "100 trials" for 100 same-gender weddings.
Now he may have painted himself into a corner--and where's he gonna go?
The shiny new WCA version of Methodism may not even HAVE bishops for him to join. And the cleaned-up version of the post-separation UMC could let him retire, but otherwise he may find that his ideological constituency has already left the denomination.
Apparently Bishop Sharma Lewis in Virginia didn't get her memo about "abeyance," because she's also promising "miles of trials."
Sigh. Where's she gonna go in the psUMC?
It's SO painful to witness female bishops of color making unnecessary "unforced errors" (aka blunders) when all Bishop Lewis would have to do is confer with Bishop Easterling, who's NOT going there.
Or with Bishop Peggy Johnson, who notably promised NOT to go there again after spending $50K on the trial and defrocking of Rev. Frank Schaefer back in 2013.
That's why "MAXIE'S" would be a great name for a used car lot. Somewhere.
Because those guys are cashing in on QUID "to the Max" in the proposed Protocol.
But what kind of QUO are we driving off in?
IF we can get it off the lot, that is?
In a word, it's a Clunker!
A complex mishmash of outdated, mismatched, dysfunctional, and seriously rusted-out parts that are extremely difficult or impossible to change or update, due to a severely self-destructive legislative process attempted by United Methodist GC delegates--cross-talking in four official language--who distrust one another and are at each other's procedural throats, using every trick in Robert's rule book to block and strangle each other.
Who's gonna trust that Hot Mess to get us around the corner, let alone just a few blocks?
No wonder Maxie's guys want to start over with their shiny new Purist version of Traditionalist Methodism and immediately write their own Discipline--without having to bother patching up our Clunker that they could not WAIT for us to pay for and drive off their lot!
Especially after those guys discovered that their vaunted Patch-up Job--aka the Traditionalist Plan of 2019--was NOT gonna sell in the U.S. of A.
And that the upcoming 2020 Jurisdictional Conferences didn't exactly elect their delegate slates. So no more Traditionalist bishops are coming to the rescue in America.

Wayne more than 1 year ago

Emissions-free? Not exactly

Unless your electrical power plant is driven entirely by wind, water, or sun you've got emissions to contend with, even if it's not at your tailpipe. Storage battery manufacturing and disposal creates its own set of environmental problems that we're only just beginning to contend with. Plastics used as weight-saving measures to boost fuel efficiency are petroleum-based products--and we're losing our overseas recycling sites (it's not cost-effective to do it domestically, so we've been shipping our crap to the third world so underpaid people can do that work without the benefit of our own environmental and workplace safety regulations). I'm no apologist for fossil fuels--it just seems that some "environmentally concerned" citizens only see a very small part of the picture.

John more than 1 year ago

Wow, did you miss the point.

But hey, you made an entirely different one. Kudos.

JR more than 1 year ago