Bishop Scott Jones Removed from SMU Board



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Scott Jones's vision for the church is only as large as his role in it

Scott Jones is a leader of the traitorous bishops, who are organizing to create an alternative denomination in violation of his vow to "serve the whole church." He offers no explanation for why the SCJ needs a supporting lawsuit.

More likely explanation: He wants his successor denomination to also be related to SMU. This is Scott Jones's attempt to make a case that the WCAish has a claim to SMU, or is the rightful heirs to the control of the school, and his side needs to be in the lawsuit in order to assert those rights (which they don't actually have). That he claims his suit is "In support of the NCJ" when the SCJ neither asked for nor needs the support is the lie that masks his true ambition. He's trying to be sure his successor denomination gets a piece of SMU control.

As an author of the Traditionalist Plan intended for a big settling of the assets. He's been planning for this for a long time, the Methodist Machiavellian.

William McKinley more than 1 year ago

Scott Jones will leave the UMC....

Your comment seems confused to me. If Bishop Jones is WCA, and the WCA are going to depart from the UMC, that means that he has been attempting to keep SMU tied to a church that will liberalize next year.... how does that make him Machiavellian -- what does he or the WCA have to gain from it?

David Kingsworthy more than 1 year ago