Bishops Seek Court’s Guidance on Traditional Plan



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All legit questions

It's one thing to pass a legislative item, it's another to apply it fairly.

In the US, the general law is passed, then the appropriate sector of the government makes the specific rules for how to apply that law. Either the law or the rules can be challenged in court.

In the UMC, the Bishops have to figure out how to apply the law. Since there are some items that are unclear how to apply with fairness, it's better to go back to the court (who approved the law vs prior challenges) when there's a question.

I'm sure that Lambrecht would prefer that over having the Bishops just decide how they are going to administer this, as he's complained about the CoB being too progressive in the past. And if the CoB decided for themselves, when a Traditionalist Bishop went against that policy, the issue would end up back in front of the court anyway because of the disparate treatment issue.

JR 251 days ago

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