Can an Annual Conference Vote to Leave The United Methodist Church?

United Methodist Question One from UMC Conferencing



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Very scholarly

Rev. Lawrence makes a very scholarly and legalistic argument to impose a ball and chain on Annual Conferences to try to prevent them from voting to leave a man-made Institution that no longer espouses the theology that Traditionalists believe to be Scripturally sound, once again proving the UMC is totally ungovernable in terms of accountability in upholding the letter and spirit of the BOD. His apparent preference is to simply force Traditionalist to leave the Wesleyan Movement. I would suggest an overwhelmingly Traditionalist Annual Conference test his theories and take a vote to disaffiliate. I nominate the South Georgia Conference before the Jurisdictional Conference attempts to mandate a merger with the North Georgia Conference and impose a Bishop, who advocates for the discredited and mislabeled One Church Plan, on the Wesleyans in the South Georgia Conference. We will not stand for it.

John more than 1 year ago