Can the Jurisdictional Conference Session Occur Before the General Conference Meets?”

United Methodist Question Four from UMC Conferencing



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Jurisdictional Conference

There is no technical reason why Zoom Conferences cannot be used to get over the hurdles arising from Covid 19 . An in- person Jurisdictional Conference , limited to fully vaccinated delegates, will have to be held at some point in time . The millions of doses of vaccines being produced and distributed , make this option possible .

The United Methodist Church has to get on with the business at hand , and resolve those issues . There is nothing in the Book of Discipline banning Zoom Conferences to bring up issues , debate them , and even vote via Zoom .

The concept of mass gatherings in person may very well be extinct , for the general public , and the United Methodist Church as well . Technology to allow the kind of digital gatherings exists . We may have no other choice but to use it .

Angelina Gabrielle Grewen 269 days ago