Central Conferences Finances, Take Two



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Fuzzy Numbers

Seems to me that a lot of those numbers are estimates when I would think that someone who works for the General Board of Global Ministries would have access to hard data.

I realize that direct contributions (e.g. where a US church partners directly with a overseas church to subsidize various missions or even salaries) is hard to pin down, and thus would be an estimate - but I would think that funds that are flowing via apportionment or through the various agencies would be fairly easily accounted for. Otherwise the potential for abuse of the system is significant.

JR more than 1 year ago

US subs to CenCon

US UMs fill your sink with water. Plunge a fist into the water. Pull your fist out. Now find the whole in the water your fist made in the water.

The only vacuum exists in our minds when we think we are important

Having served in ten small churches and large ones and two mega churches I found that we Americans will give just enough to our local UMC to keep it open. The Africans et al are no different. UM elites gives a lot of talk to "The General Church" with global reach we humans know what we see and experience each week and we are happy to give just enough to keep it open.

Thank you.

Richard F Hicks more than 1 year ago