Clarity and Curiosities in the Protocol for #UMC Separation



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Look in the mirror

Those in positions of power have presided over the decline of the UMC beginning in 1969.

Oops! I spoke truth.

Everyone who has been a bishop, district super, conference director, general agency director or senior pastor of any church of the top 20% of local churches, et al

Are the ones who have shrunk the US UMC to a tiny 0.8% of the U S population

Now these are the folks fighting like buzzards over the remain corpse


Richard F Hicks more than 1 year ago

While you crow from the sidelines

Maybe instead of jeering about it you could step up and get more involved.

JR more than 1 year ago

Cowards hide

I’m not a coward I use my full name initials boy

I’m in two different federal prisons two days each week

In the maximum security one I serve 5% of the population

In the minimum security one I serve 5.4%

Beginning this year I double the locations and tripled the times of service

When you 0.8% so called leaders get above one percent then you can criticize me but you’ll still be looking at my backside

If you break a federal crime tell me. I’ll save you a spot in either the El Reno OK or Federal Transfer Center in Oklahoma City

Richard F Hicks

On the web and in the phone book anonymous man

Look me up

Richard F Hicks more than 1 year ago

re; 'cowards hide'

Please take a look at Luke 18:14

wil meiklejohn more than 1 year ago

Wait..what group broke the UMC?

Wouldn't that be the Bishops who refused to honor their vows and didn't do their jobs? There seems to be some useful info here if you can get past the author's bitter intolerance

Concerned laity more than 1 year ago

pointing fingers

There is a quantum amount of blame to be assessed if the question is asked; 'who broke the UMC? When pointing a finger at someone else to blame it might be best to stop and look down at your own hand and see how many fingers are pointing back at you. Or as Jesus said; 'let the one without sin cast the first stone'! Having those attempting to resurrect the Methodist Protestant Church for the past 50 years does not constitute a plea of innocence.

wil more than 1 year ago