Conference Resolutions Resist Traditional Plan



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It will be interesting to see how it plays out.

Conferences not passing formal resolutions:
South Carolina
South Georgia

I like the float.

Anonymous more than 2 years ago

adam Hamilton's resistance in a larger context

Since 1972, progressives, including a significant number of denominational leadership and fully ordained clergy have resisted General Conference's stance re sexuality all to no avail. And yet Adam Hamilton was still unprepared for the traditional plan to win????? The reason we had the Way Forward process was because it was a last minute attempt to stop legislation from being voted on by the plenary session of GC2016 that would have strengthened the traditional stance! I find it interesting that GC2019 was the most prayed over General Conference anybody can ever remember and yet, for many, once again the wrong answer was produced. Everybody with any power did their best to keep a traditional plan off the floor of General Conference and yet it still managed to not only make it into the plenary session, but passed. Unlike the One Church Plan which was voted down not once but twice; and its rejection was by a larger margin than what passed the Traditional Plan--but nobody ever talks about that!

And now Adam Hamilton is going to resist by delaying paying half of Church of the Resurrection's apportionments???? The budget being sent to GC2020 has already experienced the most significant reduction in recent history--and this was all decided before GC2019.

Then there are the other reports out of the UMNext meeting that say that the majority of the people present are ready to stop resisting and move on.

I am very much concerned that, like the rest of the denominational leadership, Adam Hamilton seems to be working from a very narrow perception that blocks out much of the larger picture of which he is only one small part. But then, like much of denominational leadership, he also has no respect for historic Christianity as a viable alternative for 21st century America. Which is strange seeing that every other mainline denomination which took a decidedly progressive turn lost a significant number of traditionalists who broke off to form their own churches which are growing even as the parent Mainline denomination continue to shrinks.

betsy more than 2 years ago

Wait, what?

You said, "...he [Hamilton]also has no respect for historic Christianity as a viable alternative for 21st century America." How so? Where is the evidence of it? Homophobia is a recent innovation which emerged with the anticommunist hysteria of the 1950s. "Leave it to Beaver" was a work of fiction. You are nostalgic for a time which never happened.

George Nixon Shuler more than 2 years ago