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Schism in the Methodist Church

We are no longer united, Carolyn Moore, as you and the WCC continue to cling to the literal interpretation of the Bible when it suits your purposes.
Let me ask you, my dear, do you still think that seizures are the result of demons?
Do you still believe that the Earth is Flat?
Do you still believe that the Sun revolves around the Earth?
Do you, as a woman who is educated, as I gather that you have graduated from an accepted seminary think that you should always be "subservient to men, even men who have not graduated from high school? Do you really think that a woman must carry every pregnancy to term, even if it causes her physical and mental harm? It is so hard to imagine a woman with any post middle school education would believe as you do, but I believe in women's choice when it comes to their bodies and the churches that they join.
My educated guess is that the WCC will cease to exist in fifteen years. Young people and educated people will no longer think that their family and friends who are LBGTQAI are "sinners."
As a student nurse doing a pediatric rotation at a large NYC Hospital, I quickly learned that we are not all born the same, some are male, some female and some with vestigial secondary sexual characteristics so that it is difficult to tell if that baby is male or female. Years ago, urine was tested to determine the sex of a baby, today we have DNA, and if the child's parents opt to have the baby undergo surgery to make the child genitalia coincide with their actual sex, they do so. Some opt not to for various reasons, the largest reason is the high cost of the surgery.

Carla Skidmore, RN more than 1 year ago

Thank you Rev. Moore

Rev. Moore,

Thank you for your wisdom, insight, leadership, and commitment to following God’s Word. You are a true blessing and inspiration to those of us who choose to follow God’s Word instead of the misguided and sinful ways of elitist secularists.

As the father of a female seminarian, it is voices like yours that give me hope for our country and our World.

Steve more than 1 year ago

The only way forward is united

To paraphrase Adam Smith there is a lot of ruin in church. In this schism the side that keeps losing the vote more than anything else wants to hang onto the name and institutions of the UMC, and so they will never voluntarily leave the denomination. They resist with equal vehemence submitting to the will of the majority. Without reflecting on the rightness or wrongness of that position I can say with certainty that it is not economically viable. There are not enough progressive churches to support UMC institutions and a split will only lead to an acceleration in the lose of membership and likely further splits down the road. There is no grace or reconciliation in separation. Ironically a smaller whiter more American and more theologically liberal UMC is not progressive but xenophobic. When God speaks it is to his whole church and the whole church discerns his will. The only way forward is united.

Tommy Tucker more than 1 year ago

Reply to Carla

Dear Carla, Did you know the Bible is the most interesting book that has ever been penned? Many of us believers were in some ways just like you before we encountered Jesus. This encounter happened to me when I was twenty nine years old. It changed my life. I knew my sins were forgiven and I was filled with joy unspeakable and full of glory! By the way I had already graduated from Kansas State University so I was fairly well educated. Understanding true believers is exceedingly hard if you have never encountered the living Jesus. I understand you because I used to be somewhat like you but you cannot understand me until you encounter Christ. The Bible says, if you seek me with all your heart you shall be found of me. Christ Jesus will find you if you seek him with all your heart and this journey may take years as it did for me. Carolyn is like me and multitudes of others. We believe the Bible is the inerrant Word of God writtendownby holy men as they were guided by the Holy Spirit. I have now walked with Jesus 43 years and I love Him more and cherish the Bible more as the years go by. I once experienced a young woman taking her newborn baby into a nursery and she told me that she hoped Jesus would me the first word that her child would say. I thought she was quite strange and perhaps a little goofy. That was before I was born again of the Spirit of Truth. Now I understand that young woman as I am like her too and I wish everyone would find Jesus and immerse themselves inHis Holy Word. There is nothing like it. Oh yes, I want you to know I got a Masters in Theology. And in 2000, graduated with an MDiv from SMU. I so hope you find him too. Thanks for truly sharing your deepest feelings and thoughts. Rev. Margaret Stratton

Margaret 309 days ago

Thank you!

So very well-said.... God bless you in your mission -- God bless us all in these trying times!

David Kingsworthy more than 1 year ago