Expect Peace After Only Eight Years?



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It's not about peace

It is about being able to live out your beliefs as you see fit without running head on into somebody who believes the complete opposite. It is about no longer collectively contradicting ourselves and giving the world an indecisive god who does not know what his intent was when he created us male and female. Besides, peace will never be found within the church it will only be found in the saving grace of Jesus Christ whose life, death, resurrection and ascension opened up a way for us to be in right relationship with the triune God.

betsy 226 days ago

All Christians must go to the Bible

God's Word stands clear on most issues. It must be studied and followed for God's guidance to us. God has not changed and secondary issues should not cause division. We have a lack of knowledge/training and hard hearts that keep us from the unity that God has called us to.

Rick 219 days ago

expect peace

The sexuality debate is small potatoes. Try 45% decline in the US church, aging congregations and clergy, way too few new church plants, outmoded structure, wildly outdated placement of churches, trust deficits, communication issues, incoherent alignment of education/training with ministry expectations...in short, getting the results for which the existing denomination is perfectly organized to deliver...functional extinction/irrelevance by 2050. So a positive and constructive re-formation is the need; if the sexuality debate provides the tinder, great. If it becomes THE issue, then the vast majority of UM churches (liberal-centrist-conservative) that share accelerating decline will wind up in the same bin of extinct theological species. The Wesleyan way is far to vibrant and solid to vanish but will reproduce in other forms. Ask the Salvation Army...Wesleyans...Free Methodists...all African American Methodist expressions...Nazarenes how it's working for them, nearly all growing and none consumed with bedroom behavior issues.

Bob 231 days ago

59 Years of UMC Hatred

Born in 1960, I was 12 y/o when the UMC inscribed its hatred of me in the 1972 BOD.

Yes, a split will bring me peace! A split will mean that, for the very first time in my entire 59 years of life, the church will acknowledge me a full-fledged human being of equal stature with the rest of you. The church will no longer be allowed to bully me.

PLEASE! Split away!

Ben U 232 days ago


Peace? Maybe or maybe not but a split will certainly provide a relief valve and maybe decrease some of the hostility and polarization. Relieve some of the pressure. Forcing people to stay together is unhealthy.

Kevin 233 days ago

For some it should bring peace.

Our most conservative and progressive conferences should have peace from a split. The annual conferences that have the divisions within the conference will have to work it out for themselves.

William 234 days ago

Stuck in the middle...

Means stuck with no solution.

If the only solution can solve for the endpoints but not the middle, it's not a solution at all.

And if you don't solve the problem for the middle, then they'll keep having the problem.

JR 234 days ago

I agree fully, JR

Stuck in the middle is where the entire UMC has been for a long time. A leadership that proclaims to follow a set of principles but continually "looks the other way" when it comes time to act on those principles.
Until leadership becomes consistent with church principles, all are left in a muddled middle.

Dave 233 days ago

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