Filipino Leaders Push to Elect New Bishops



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Is the Book of Discipline law or guideline?

I was brought up to believe that the BOD was follow it because the Church says so...or else you could be brought up on charges. But more and more people seem to be saying..." Really? Try Me!" to the point that even when success is achieved at trial it does little to curtail further disobedience. I remember going to Annual Conference as a Student Local Pastor and watching pastors ...martinis and smoking!! I had gone through high school and college completely avoiding all of this and more because the Discipline had said so. I realized that pastors first and foremost are sinners like the rest of us relying on God's ever flowing transmission of grace to cover our sins.

As to this situation, sometimes you break the law and ask for forgiveness later. There is zero risk to the integrity of the Church by electing Bishops. There will always be folks who will scream if one letter of the BOD is violated but at some point, God gave us the reason. They need Bishops. The Bible says there should be Bishops plain and simple. So they should elect their Bishops. In my opinion. Sometimes the enforcing of perceived law causes more harm than good.

Eric 36 days ago