Florida Man Leaves Cabinet After Starting New Methodist Denomination



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This is what happens....

I'm sorry to say this, but this is what happens when you have milquetoast leadership. For all his lengthy statements trying to appear as the peacemaker/elder statesman in this issue, Ken Carter has shown a distinct lack of leadership, and his attempts to do the old, "everyone is hurting...we're all in this together...there are good people on both sides"...dance has led us to have leaders in this conference who feel empowered to take such actions. On multiple occasions, Carter has had an opportunity to put actions to his words, and has continuously failed in service of not "rocking the boat."

BJohnM 270 days ago

what about?

I wonder if it isn't almost too late to pray and consider the millions of innocent people caught in the middle of this debacle? I believe that there are a very large number of people whose highest priority is the commitment to worship God, don't understand all of the essentially trivial posturings taking place, and are pawns caught in the middle of this horror. May God forgive all of us for our myopia.

wil meiklejohn 273 days ago

What about the multiple factions of the Progressives waiting to pounce?


Brian Evers 274 days ago

Do you not see the difference here?

I'm honestly curious about why you brought up that plan.

JR 273 days ago

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