From Inclusion to Liberation



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Thanks for your analysis.

My interaction with the um next people is that they don't really have any bedrock beliefs beyond political correctness, financial security, and political power. I admit that I don't agree with the direction that you wish to take the umc, but i respect that you are honest about it and have the integrity to admitt that it is probably best to start a new institution. The um next crowd has no intetest in a new institution which is baffling because most committed believers on both sides see the real benefits of starting anew.

As a progressive, i would be frustrated that a guy like hamilton with connections, money, and influence will not commit to do anything except staying, protesting, rule-breaking, and making war against the legitimate decision making body of the church- a body that he would have no trouble using to enforce his own vision of christianity if given the chance.

td more than 2 years ago

Several times you referenced how...

With UMCNext, your inclusion was based o their terms, not yours. But yet you decided to attend based on their terms--that was how the organizers set the meeting up. And then you critique it because it fell short of what you are personally looking for. For decades the United Methodist Church has made no secret as to where it officially stands re sexuality and over the last several General Conferences it has clearly continued to moved ever farther in that same traditionalist trajectory. You cannot become part of something and then complain that you do not like how they operate. I have never understood why progressives keep claiming the UMC is "harming them" but yet continue to not only be a part of it but insist that the whole church needs to buy into your way thinking and then get angry because not everybody thinks like you. Stop being angry and frustrated at everybody simply because we do not think like you. Our way of thinking is not causing you harm, it is your decision to you stay in a relationship with a group of people who do not think like you and never will because our different perspectives on sexuality are the result of very different perspectives about God.

joan w. more than 2 years ago

Good Gracious

I’d have to rethink sending any daughter to Wesleyan if that’s what they’re teaching. There is simply no way whatsoever most Methodists in Georgia can be in full communion with people who espouse beliefs as does this “academic.” At some point the Adam Hamiltons if the world will realize no matter how hard they try to be woke Progressives it will never be enough until the radical extreme is in control. Because in the end, no one else can be woke enough to meet their ever shifting standards. These people build their temple on shifting sand. Give me the rock of Scripture.

John more than 2 years ago