GC2020 Legislation: The United Methodist Communion of Churches



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If I understand this correctly, Annual Conferences and churches supporting the Traditional Plan would remain in the United Methodist Church without any of the general agencies and churches supporting the One Church plan would form a new denomination called the United Methodist Communion of Churches which would only come into existence if 75% of the existing United Methodist Churches joined it.
I can't envision this passing.

Margaret Ray more than 1 year ago

Communion of churches

I read the first two pages and stopped. The connectional system is the strength of The UMC. Do away with that and we are broken forever. The Anglicans have a communion and it is not working out to well for them. I want no part of anything like that.

Kevin more than 1 year ago

One major reason...

...that the Anglican Communion is a poor model for fashioning a vibrant, global Methodism is that it first permits, then entrenches, national tribalism based on the political boundaries of the modern nation-state. Our primary loyalty is to Christ and his Church. Although sensitivity to local culture can help shape forms and styles of worship expression, I'm doubtful that Jesus, when praying for the unity of his church, intentionally overlooked nationalism.

John more than 1 year ago