God Is at Work in the 'Protocol'



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The piece - and peace - I was missing

Cynthia, I know I haven't agreed in the past with much of what you have written. Nor have I been particularly charitable in my interactions. I'm sorry for that. But I wanted to let you know how much I appreciated your insights on the spiritual nature of the development of the Protocol. I understood the practical, political and pragmatic rationale for it. But I was really uncertain about whether or not it was God's will for the UMC. That was my missing piece - and therefore my missing peace. You've helped to give me some assurance in that regard, and I thank you very much for that.

Karen Booth more than 2 years ago

Thank you

Your comment is much appreciated. While we may continue to differ in our opinions, I know we both love and pray for the welfare of Christ's church, and for the awareness to see where God would lead us. Thank you for your graciousness in writing. -- Cynthia Astle

cynthiaadmin (United Methodist Insight) more than 2 years ago

I find it interesting that God was at work

In this meeting that produced a result you can live with but was never at work through the designated decision making processes of the church. When the disciples were trying to decide who should replace Judas, all it took was one roll of the dice, the answer was accepted and everybody moved on. As far as I am concerned the answer was had back in 1972. Everything since has been human intervention trying to shake out the right answer that one segment of the church wanted. Now you got it. Hope you can live with the continued consequences of not accepting the answer the first time. This is not going to to stave off the numerical implosion--and ultimately financial implosion--that has been stalking the American UMC since its inception. On top of that, leadership has now made it perfectly clear that they are no longer bound by the decisions of General Conference other than the ones they agree with..

betsy more than 2 years ago

Taking 'Grace' to the Bank

Cynthia, I can't get all warm and gooey over this Protocol and finally join hands with Rev. Keith Boyette & Company to sing Kumbaya.
Just think of the $25 million bucks as a massive new tax imposed on our shrinking denominational resources to fund the permanent endowment of institutionalized Hate Speech. That massive moral burden could be the least horrible outcome we could all agree to endure.
But what compromises would you be willing to swallow when you're dickering with the Devil to achieve some small reduction of injustice with just a hope and a promise that real justice may follow ... someday?

Wayne more than 2 years ago

Hate Speech?

So...traditionalists belief in God's word regarding marriage as only between a man and a woman (Gen 2:24) and against homosexuality(1 Cor. 6:9-10 is somehow hate speech? The real injustice has been the years traditionalists have had to abide the open defiance of the word of God and the Book of Discipline by liberal pastors, bishops and the UM hierarchy. Thankfully, if this protocol is adopted, traditionalists will be relieved of that burden. And the others can go their own way.

Teresa Dawson more than 2 years ago

Oops! You forgot to mention Genesis 9:20-27

Teresa, you have stooped to weaponizing a few Bible verses taken out of context to defend your pre-existing belief system about "homosexuality" to judge human beings as though your interpretation is absolute, universal, and final. Not to mention "God's word."
That's a rather arrogant position.
But when you delicately skip over Genesis 9:20-27 as though that text was not used as the basis for Hate Speech for generations, perhaps you have realized that perceptions regarding people of color as fully human have changed over centuries.
Maybe even you could change your perceptions!
Good luck with that.

Wayne more than 2 years ago

Only God's Word

No one has to interpret, weaponize or take out of context the clear reading of God's word. It is God's word that is, to use your words, absolute, universal and final. You may want to ask God why He is so "arrogant". Please let me know how He responds.

Teresa Dawson more than 2 years ago

Arrogance??? Look in the mirror Wayne


Anyone who takes an oath to follow the Bible and the UMC BoD before God, and then not uphold that oath AND work to invalidate that oath, should not accuse anyone else of being arrogant. Look in the mirror.

You also use God’s Word as an example of hate speech?.? God’s Word as provided to us via the books of the Bible is Truth and as far away from hate as you can get. Such an attitude is beyond arrogant, it is evil and seeks to place human sexual behavior over the direct words of God.

There is no hate speech, here or anywhere. There is only speech, protected in the US by our Constitution. Some speech may hurt yours or others feelings. Well. Guess what? Sometimes the Truth hurts.

Maybe you can learn what the Bible says instead of what you want it to say. God Bless

Steve more than 2 years ago

God's "Word"

... accepts human trafficking as perfectly acceptable. Even your own kin.

Think that one through a little bit. [Exodus 21:7-11]

JR more than 2 years ago

God's word is infallible

JR, those of us who are saved accept the word of God as infallible. We do not judge His word according to man's standards. Do we question? Of course we do. But our ultimate salvation is through faith in Jesus Christ and the belief that his Father's word is perfect, unerring, faultless, true and accurate. Have a blessed day.

Teresa Dawson more than 2 years ago

If a local church or annual conference

Leaves. Can it come back?

Richard F Hicks more than 2 years ago