Group Seeks to Discern God’s Vision for the UMC in New Conversations



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Among people who do not have a core set of shared beliefs and understandings that everybody holds in common. More talking apples and oranges to each other. More conversations where everybody uses God, Jesus, the Bible and John Wesley to substantiate their own wildly divergent understandings about everything. It is no wonder that people are not responding to the UMC: It has absolutely nothing in particular to say about anything because its plethora of contradictory voices end up cancelling each other out! We cannot even agree on how we are to function as an organization: You say the decision made at General Conference is the problem. I say the problem is people are no longer willing to abide by the decision making processes of the church. Problem is we are both right because we have completely different perspectives.
So, exactly what renewed future is there for the UMC when we do not agree on the role General Conference plays in the life of the church!

betsy more than 1 year ago