Leadership Gathering Revs Up Participants to Hold Conversations on UMC's Future



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Stop wasting time and money on a dead issue

That is all we need is more meetings and committees. Something the bishops and leadership (or those who think they are leading, but actually are leading in the wilderness) seem to want to do all the time instead of actually getting anything accomplished. It will not work, and most all of the rank and file pew Methodists realize. We want to move on and stop spinning our wheels. Separation is the ONLY thing that will work. Folks, someone should publish the astounding amount of money and time that is being wasted on this issue. The people who are trying to force everyone to stay together are mostly doing it for personal financial interests. It is totally destroying any of hope of witness either side can do. The liberal bishop and cohorts are destroying us from the inside out. The traditionalist and progressives/centrists that I've spoken with, and yes I am friends and love people from both sides, realize this and want this mess to stop and work on an agreeable division. There are times, when you must separate to remain healthy and vibrant. We on all sides must demand our bishop and leaders do this. It is the church's money and time that is being wasted and not used for the intended purpose.

Sam more than 1 year ago

I find Bishop Carter's comment interesting

Unity was still possible post GC2019 if he was willing to do what he vowed he would do: follow the will of General Conference. When leadership is no longer willing to work within the parameters of how the church is designed to function then there is no more hope for unity because there is no longer anyway to function.The one thing that was left to unify us--General Conference and the BOD--have both been rendered useless by denominational leadership. And now they are going to make one more effort to bend General Conference to their will--something that has not happened since 1972.

betsy more than 1 year ago

More meetings will not change beliefs.

It is ludicrous to think more meetings and gatherings will change anything. We are at an impasse and too divided. Stop wasting time and money on this. We are done, and there is no way we can agree ever. The only people who wish to stay together have financial gains to be made. Bishops that take no stand, are indeed taking a stand for the anything goes. The longer this goes, the less effective the Methodist church becomes for being a witness. Follow the money trail from the beginning of the reconciliation movement and you will find the financial benefits than many, including leaders, have gotten. There is an agenda and this was just the first step.

Trace more than 1 year ago