Living in God’s Liberating Light – The Epiphany Statement



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Unbelievable Hypocrisy & Arrogance from Secularists As far as not having enough representation

Secularists scream, kick their feet, and bemoan that the Traditiomal Methodist church is getting too much money and consideration. Yet, we were not the ones wanting to change 2000 years of abiding by God’s Word. We were perfectly happy to continue the status quo, only with increased accountability from our so-called leaders. The money and consideration negotiated is not enough, as it was we Traditionalists who built the church to this point. The secularists are the ones who want to tear it asunder. However, in the hope of ridding ourselves of r secularists, sooner than later, the negotiated deal seems fair.

As for not being inclusive enough, we tried that before GC19 with the Way Forward. However, again secularists didn’t like that outcome so instead of play by the rules, they kicked and screamed some more. Allowed a much smaller group to negotiate a plan, using an experienced and unbiased negotiator seems to have been the only viable option other than a long, expensive court battle.

As far as not having equal/enough representation, that is ridiculous. Secularists want everyone to be treated equally. When we treat everyone’s input at the negotiating table as equal, all of a sudden we are not equal??? You can’t have it both ways.

Please get over the hurt, the vindictiveness, the “inequality “, etc. it all runs on both sides of our disagreement. Let us put an end to this bickering and accept the protocol and embrace it as a gift from God.

May it be so. God Bless.

Steve 256 days ago

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