Negotiators Urge Hold on Trials, Closures



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Heather Hahn totally missed it!

When Heather superficially reported on Bishop Ough's statement of 1/13/20, she failed to include the major point that his protracted tiptoeing through the complaint against Rev. Jia Starr Brown of Park Avenue UMC had led to its dismissal--but at the cost of Rev. Starr Brown's resignation as Associate Pastor, as reported this month.
(Read the Star Trib article, Heather! It's at
In other words, the complainants managed to pick off another lesbian of color who had managed to be ordained.
Bishop Ough wrote, "I acknowledge and apologize for my contribution to the harm to Rev. Jia Starr Brown and Park Avenue UMC that likely resulted from my deliberate, but protracted, process of trying to reach a just resolution to the complaint."
Translation: he tiptoed. And then dismissed under cover of "abeyance." And then, finally, he apologized.
But did the complainants apologize? Not exactly. More like they were blowing the smoke off the tips of their legal guns.
Turns out it's a lot easier to target a visibly 'out' lesbian clergy person than it is to keep your own legal house in order.
Turns out that a complainant, former parishioner and Attorney Jeremy Lloyd Brantingham, had previously lost his Minnesota law license temporarily because he was caught messing around with his clients' money.
Something about not seeing the beam in your own eye, maybe?
It's a lot easier to pick off one more of those sexually immoral lesbian clergy than it is to keep your own legal nose clean if you're an attorney who's tempted by unauthorized access to your clients' funds.
You would think that the WCA would be wise to clean up their act and avoid these embarrassments. Especially since their president, Rev. Keith Boyette, is a lawyer who's hopefully keeping his own nose clean. Not to mention advocating for 'abeyance'.
Translation: Enough already!

Wayne 67 days ago

statement from Rev. Jia Starr Brown

The Reverend Jia Starr Brown asked us to share this statement:
Thank you, Beloved community, for your prayers and for your calls. I am in awe of your solidarity in writing letters on my behalf and for your active, vocal witness.
Your support - across denominations, cultures, and backgrounds - exceeds anything I have ever experienced or could have hoped for. Thank you.
You have all become a part of my story - of God’s love and faithfulness. I am humbled to be a part of this fellowship and community.
I am pleased to share that I received news this morning that Bishop Ough is dismissing the complaint filed against me for being in violation of the Book of Discipline as a “self-avowing homosexual” clergy in the United Methodist Church. Indeed, I celebrate! We celebrate!
Family, I ask one thing: Please continue. This is not over.
The injustice continues - for me and for so many others.
The battle continues.
The work continues.
The gospel continues.
This isn’t about me.
This is about US.
Please continue to advocate, to write letters, to publicly champion the change that needs to become reality in the Church. Continue to pray, to preach, to be a vocal witness.
We need you.
We need US.
And, as I prepare to end my pastoral ministry at Park Ave. UMC, I will join you.
Together in hope and in faith,
Rev. Jia Starr Brown, Associate Pastor Park Ave. United Methodist Church

Wayne 66 days ago

Why Rev. Jia Starr Brown resigned

The Rev. Jia Starr Brown was hounded out of her appointment by the nastiest bullies around. And she's a divorced mother who's about to marry her life partner and needs to get out of the line of fire. How could she do ministry and protect her family in those circumstances?

Wayne 66 days ago


After Heather Hahn rewrote and revised this article to eliminate all references to Bishop Ough's statement at
my previous comments are now irrelevant.
Because Heather determined that Rev. Jia Starr Brown's complaint was dismissed outright, rather than being placed in 'abeyance.'
So, magically, Rev. Starr Brown's dismissed complaint and her resignation from her appointment to the Park Avenue UMC as of today are no longer a news item for UMNS in an article on 'abeyance.'
Rev. Starr Brown's extremely painful and difficult experience of navigating her ministry while under complaint--and the extremely intrusive personal critiques/bullying by those in her congregation who targeted her and her children--are no longer national United Methodist News.
It's no longer such a Big Deal to target and remove a lesbian clergy of color from her pulpit.
Despite the integrity and graciousness of her ministry with all members of her church and community--including her opponents.
Just to let you know.

Waynw 64 days ago

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