Clergy Journal Offers Views on Separation Plans



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Traditionalists accepted? yeah right

The author writes, "I do not believe the WCA has a monopoly on traditional orthodoxy, because I know of too many faithful, traditional, orthodox, United Methodists who plan to remain United Methodist. And I am most grateful to be a part of a church that welcomes them..."

Okay, first of all the LGBTQ+ community and their lobbying arm, Reconciling Ministries Network openly claims that Traditionalists are causing "violence" to them in their position opposing practicing queer clergy and ordaining same-sex marriage.

How in the world do you expect conservative members to remain in the UMC with this kind of rhetoric? You don't simply accept people you believe are causing violence against you, right?

At least the WCA clearly says they respect the dignity of all people, including those in the gay community. No accusations of violence or threats coming from them, just grace, orthodoxy, and a new movement.

Daniel 227 days ago

Our faith is more than what can be said in a pithy creed.

"The UMC continues to discover that our church is big enough (because our God is big enough) to include people who disagree on matters that are not creedal." Creeds are only basic summaries of PART of what we believe, not all what we believe. They all ascribe to the authority of the bible and the statements of the saints. Since St. Paul stated clearly and concisely on the topic of which the Church is splitting then...

Brian evers 230 days ago

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