Possible Steps After General Conference Delay



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Sometimes church law is critical...

And sometimes it is not! The real brokenness of the UMC is that everybody picks and chooses which parts of the law are "important" enough to be obeyed and which are not.

betsy more than 1 year ago

may we learn

"We all are learning a new way to live, until the virus departs". God have mercy on us all if we forget what 'we learned' after "the virus departs".

wil more than 1 year ago

No way

Let me get this straight. You want there to be a funding through December of 2022 for all those Bishops who are thumbing their noses at GC 2019 and for all those agencies antithetical to Traditionalists’ view of Scripture and GC 2019 but delay indefinitely a fair resolution the issue eating away at the heart of our Church? No thank you. I appreciate the need for a delay of GC 2020, but if there are to be any meetings or stop gap measures, agenda item number one must be the Separation Protocal. The laity are tired of waiting while you Institutionalists concerned about your salaries and pensions and dwindling seminaries dither and delay. No more!

John more than 1 year ago