Practical Observations Concerning the Proposed 'Protocol' Legislation



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Future-sight vs. hind-sight

Although I have not seen or read Frank Holbrook's "Plain Grace" proposal, I very much like his discussion of issues in this article. I will make it my business to read his "Plain Grace" proposal as soon as possible. It strikes me that this is a remarkable gift, this future-sight, that Frank Holbrook has, since his evaluation of "Protocol for Reconciliation and Grace Through Separation" has discerned these potential issues with this plan that have been neglected or over-looked by the council of 16 who devised this plan. Frank also seems to have a gift for communication since he presented them in 1500 words to a self-confessed layman as myself in a way that makes perfect sense. If these potential future pitfalls have been overlooked by the protocols designers - to the point where they even included such a glaring ambiguous contradiction in legal phraseology as was identified in this article as "Issue #1" - then shouldn't this entire protocol be reviewed by a legal team which has a vested interest in the successful implementation of this plan? Shouldn't this team be well-represented by men and women who possess this gift of future-sight and whose sole purpose should be detecting and eliminating such contradictions and oversights as those stated in Frank's article? This is not a new issue for the UMC. It has been debated since the 1960s. Why should we rush into an agreement that contains so many pitfalls, trip-wires, and booby traps without scouting them out in advance. Even soldiers don't rush into a mine field without sending in mine-sweepers first, in an effort to minimize casualties and maximize the potential success of the mission.

Mark Mickey 47 days ago

If the factions

can’t keep their crazies quiet the whole deal fails

Richard F Hicks 48 days ago


The details matter and he brings up some really good questions. I think we may be placing too much trust in the Bishops.

Kevin 51 days ago

I'm not sure...

... if the problem is with the 'Trust in the Bishops' or the weak legislative writing.

JR 50 days ago

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