Response to the Great Divorce, i.e., 'Protocol Of Reconciliation & Grace Through Separation'



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Please don't forget Christian Unity

My mother is a United Methodist and this came as a surprise for her. She usually attends Catholic Mass with my dad. Together with Christians since the beginning she doesn't believe in affirming homosexual acts, so she has to look at what to do now. "United Methodists" is now a misnomer, as those with the more orthodox beliefs have had to schism and form a splinter group. For me this is sad news of the ongoing fracturing of Christianity, in an age when we say we want ecumenism and the unity Jesus prayed for after the Last Supper, but the trend is in the opposite direction as it has been since Martin Luther, King Henry VIII et al toward increasingly broken communion, fragmentation and heterodoxy that increasingly lead to religious indifferentism and loss of faith as people do not know what to believe or why to believe any of the competing versions of putative Christian doctrine--and have become unmoored from any source of ecclesial authority. Meanwhile there remains a Church that has a continuity of existence and beliefs ever since the Apostles. My mom has been reading a great book called When the Church Was Young by Marcellino D'Ambrosio, about the Early Church Fathers. A subject matter that offers admirable insight for navigating amidst today's confusion.

Elizabeth D 217 days ago

Smart Brother

Stop the arguing!

Dave 219 days ago

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