Rush Limbaugh, Church Division and the Future of the United States of America



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Two clarifications

(1) Branch Rickey was one of 4 co-owners of the Dodgers at the time of recruiting Jackie Robinson. (2) Sandra Fluke's argument for contraceptive coverage at Georgetown and elsewhere was not for the purpose of consequence-free sexual activity but to permit others the multitude of off-label benefits of maintaining a stable hormonal balance--beneficiaries of off-label treatment include persons suffering from endometriosis, epilepsy, emotional disturbances, and other targeted afflictions that are far removed from the primary use of pregnancy prevention.

John 223 days ago

Should be heeded

The fact that divisions within the nation's institutions was a precursor to the Civil War should not go unheeded. When such a conflict happens in the future, and Methodists find themselves on both sides, we've lost the moral high ground from which to call for unity

James David Shumaker 222 days ago

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