SCJ vs. SMU and a View from a Higher Hilltop



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This article speaks to the core problem

When it comes to decision making on behalf of the whole church, General Conference is no longer viewed as the ultimate authority. But hey, we are Methodists and we are known for our meetings, so let us have one more meeting to resolve what has become an unsolvable issue because leadership and pastors of influence feel they know better than the collective wisdom of General Conference. Obviously this group believes there is absolutely no way God is at work through the process when it repeatedly fails to come up with the specific answer they are looking for. And these are the people who said they fully understood how the church was designed to function and agreed to abide by its decision making processes. They are the reason that there is absolutely no hope for the United Methodist Church.

betsy more than 1 year ago

A better solution

Wouldn’t it better if SMU, instead of trying to take what isn’t there’s, that they join us in trying to help educate immigrants.

William more than 1 year ago


Brilliant! It irks me no end that we (all sides) are wasting dollars from faithful donors in our churches conferences and institutions on needless litigation when there is SO MUCH human need to be filled through ministry and mission! Not, I think, what Jesus had in mind! 😕

Sherry Nash more than 1 year ago