Scripture Key to First Draft of WCA Discipline



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WCA to be like liberals

And tithe on their gross incomes the full ten percent. Progressives are so publicly we’ll known to practice and teach tithing on the gross the WCA had to follow suit


Richard F Hicks 214 days ago

Wesley Quad

Could you elaborate who is disputing the Scriptural primacy of the JW Quad? Is there a book you would recommend that upends the generally accepted ranking?

Brian Evers 217 days ago


Since the WCA is going to follow scripture, then I suppose that
divorced clergy will be defrocked? Jesus didn't like divorce much. And women will not be allowed to speak in church??????

Is the above photo a UMC? I've never seen those little communion cup holders on the back of the pews in a UMC before.

Anglo-Methodist 217 days ago


There are different styles of communion services in UMC churches. The one I am most familiar with involved having the congregation come forward row by row to the communion railing where they would kneel. Obviously, having several "tables" takes a fair amount of time---having everyone partake simultaneously causes less interruption of the service. With the increasingly larger portion of the congregation being elderly, kneeling becomes a problem.

David 217 days ago

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