The Human Cost of General Conference in 2022

Wesleyan Covenant Association's Vaccine Campaign Poses Great Risks

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The true purpose of the column?

"Already there is speculation about whether the true purpose of the WCA’s initiative is public health or church politics."
This statement, along with the usual vague complaint of colonialism, exemplifies the current approach of many liberal and centrist Methodists, which is "no conference, no split"
Why they have become so passionate about this point is beyond my understanding, since a split will surely benefit both parties, but here we are nonetheless.

David Kingsworthy 7 days ago

Truly sad

Considering the shortages of vaccines and tests in many areas of the world as well as the general state of health care in much of the world that is not as privileged as us in the United States or Europe, it is truly jaw-dropping to read a "special" commentary criticizing any effort to get anybody vaccinated. How truly out of touch these "learned" people must be to actually write this. Or, how desperate to perpetuate political spin. Bad enough to think it, terrible to write it but truly appalling to publish it. But then Jesus was criticized for healing on the Sabbath because the leaders of his day felt the perceived threat to their political power was more consequential than the "mere" act of healing the sick. If folks of a revisionist or institutionalist perspective feel envious or threatened then perhaps they need to spend some time reflecting upon themselves rather than attacking people who are doing Matthew 25 work.

CREED S POGUE 8 days ago

Matthew 25

There are none so blind as those who will not see

bthomas 7 days ago

Truly sad

How can you pick one person in a village vaccinate them simply because all you want is a vote. This is like putting a price tag on the central conferences votes. You have said it right it is colonialism. We know and have lived under colonialism and when it shows its head we usually see it. No matter how much people try to use the bible. After all the Bible was misused during colonialism just like the way Matthew 25 is being used an an excuse.
The point here if this was not about vote buying and politicking the money should have just been to provide vaccines to those whoa are not accessing vaccines. rather than selective provision of vaccines. May be you people in the USA have no problem with segregation. you may have no problem with creating classes in society where other people access services simply because of who they are. but we Africans we have a problem with segregation because we have always been victims of segregation. So to make announcements in our African churches that only those who were elected as delegates are the ones who are going to be protected from dying, If you were not elected to be a UMC GC delegate tough sorry we will watch you die. The example you gave of Jesus about healing on the sabbath doe snot fit because Jesus did not select who to heal on sabbath based on their special status in society or because they needed to travel to a place where they had to provide a favor to some group that desperately need $25 million and preparties to start their venture. If these vaccines had no strings attached to them no one would have raised concerns, if the vaccines where to vaccinate the whole village we would have no raised concern.
Yes we understand you can do everything but the little we do we have to do it right. Why didn't they give the money to UNCEF towards providing vaccines to disadvantaged communities where a whole village will be vaccinated if this anything to do with Matthew 25. This initiative is political, sinister, colonial and manipulative there very unbiblical.

Lloyd Nyarota 5 days ago


The WCA raised money to get the delegates vaccinated because something has to be done now.

Are you saying that it would have been better for the WCA to NOT have provided these free vaccinations?

It blows me away how that folks can twist something good into something bad . . . how that folks can give bad meaning to good things. I know that for me, I am done with this whole situation. Whether I have to walk away and find a new denomination and serve elsewhere, I'm done. The UMC has gotten so toxic that it is disgusting. At this point, why in the world would anyone want to stay together with folks who act like they hate you?

Josh 4 days ago

Thank you!

Lloyd; Thank you for your empathetic, gracious and graphic clarification of this effort from your personal perspective. The words of the poet, Robert Burns, seem very appropriate; viz.
"O would some Power the gift to give us
To see ourselves as others see us!
It would from many a blunder free us,
And foolish notion:
What airs in dress and gait would leave us,
And even devotion!"

w.f. meiklejohn 4 days ago

One Minor Detail...

The WCA can do all of this and still be thwarted by the US State Department. I am curious what the strategy is to get around the US go?

Eric 9 days ago

What is the real reason?

Reading the sentence: "Already there is speculation about whether the true purpose of the WCA’s initiative is public health or church politics."; I felt a sense of confirmation of my initial feelings upon learning of this proposal. To me, it almost comes across as a pseudo-altruistic attempt to buy well as rush an extremely major issue. The words from I Corinthians 13 come to mind; i.e. 'love is patient, love is kind, love never demands it's own way".

w.f. meiklejohn 9 days ago

If it quacks like a duck...

If it feels dirty, it probably is. This is classic US style Republican political strategy. It just doesn't feel like Christ wins here.

Eric 8 days ago

Do what you can.

Just because you cannot do all is no excuse to do nothing. The WCA is to be commended for at least making an effort. At least vaccinated delegates would have themselves have a better chance of surviving this pandemic. At least these delegates would be able to help our UMC hold General Conference and vote on separation, etc. This would not fix all the problems faced by the UMC. But, it would be a very good start.

bthomas 6 days ago