The Protocol's 100-Church Hurdle



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A vote would be required

Even for a WCA church.

There's no mechanism by which any pastor or church council can rule by fiat. This is simply not one of their powers.

By the same token, a vote to join a new denomination need not qualify under the current disaffiliation rule. They need a vote to show intent to disaffiliate, and enough of those votes to clear 100 (which I agree with the post-script, the WCA certainly has already figured that they have that threshold, and that probably nobody else will get there - otherwise they'd have to share their $25 mil) will allow for the new denomination.

JR 223 days ago

Cut off the money

Just cut off the money. If your overseers want to spend their money hiring lawyers let them

Just walk off and leave your overseers with empty rotting buildings

Richard F Hicks 222 days ago

Henry the 8th

Second verse, same as the first.

[Repeating the same idea over and over ad nauseam is pretty pointless.]

JR 217 days ago

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