The Traditionalist Bid for Africa



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Another questionable piece

"Lambrecht asserts that the Boards and bishops violated processes laid out in the Book of Discipline, while failing to acknowledge that the Book of Discipline that is operative in the Congo is an adaptation and translation of the 1984 Discipline, not the 2016 English-language Discipline."
So the BOM was correct to follow the 1984 BoD -- which apparently gives huge leeway to Bishops & conferences relative to suspending/penalizing clergy and lay members -- in these cases?

David Kingsworthy more than 1 year ago

"Who's on first?"

The statement from the article: "the impact of the pieces is to undercut the bishops as leaders." paints a graphic picture of the entire effort. Suddenly, it becomes apparent that everyone is not using the same parameters; i.e. some are holding others accountable to the 2016 Book of Discipline and others are allegedly adhereing to the 1984 Book of Discipline. This scene in M*A*S*H comes to mind: two people are relaxing playing a game, one is playing checkers the other is playing poker. The checker player triumphantly jumps across the board and says "King Me", The other player looks at his cards and says: "I can't I have a full-house!". It seems we aren't even singing from the same song-book much less being on the same page. Confrontation and animosity has the players looking 'in a mirror dimly' and the overwhelming majority of those of us in the pews are at a loss about what is going on.

wil more than 1 year ago

this is a great summation of the issue

"Whatever the merits of the complaints, the impact of the pieces is to undercut the bishops as leaders.... the reality is almost certainly more complex than this reduction of the conflict to a single issue that is most salient in the US, not Africa. It characterizes the bishops’ actions as flowing from a lack of accountability and implies that their political opponents within the UMC would fair better under a Traditionalist church with “a more robust accountability mechanism for bishops at the global level.”. To me, the goal is to make the Church a loosely organized group of independent local churches with very limited connection or common mission.

wil more than 1 year ago