The UMC: Single-Issue Driven, Bad at Math, and War Weary



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Both sad and hopeful

The story of the Coventry cathedral is both sad and hopeful. The walls left standing of the old building were left and a wonderful new cathedral was built. The story is a testimony to the human spirit and the faith of Christians. After the war Christian church people from the midlands went to Dresden and assisted in the rebuilding of the fire-bombed city. Coventry itself is well worth a trip to the UK to experience it.John Taylor

John Taylor more than 1 year ago

Some Fifty Years Later... .

I remember 1968, the year the UMC was born, and 1972, the year those horrible words about LGBT were added to the Book of Discipline. As a member of the LGBT community, I truly have waited almost 50 years for the nasty anti-LGBT rhetoric to be scrubbed from the BOD.

I am now 59 years old. Do not tell me to hang around and give my money to the UMC while said community continues to abuse me. No self-respecting person would do such a thing.

As far as I am concerned, if the Powers That Be remove the ugly rhetoric, I can live with UMC people who secretly hate me in their hearts. If they want to hate me, let them hate me - but I will not stick around and support a church that has enshrined that hatred in the BOD, in our laws.

Oh. Right. The conservatives will never scrub the the anti-LGBT words from the BOD. OK, here's a solution: We add to the BOD something to the effect of, "All those UMC members who are anti-LGBT are living a life incompatible with Christianity. We love them, but we cannot abide their sin. Thus, anti-LGBT folk cannot be ordained or married in a UMC church." Now, we're even.

Ben more than 1 year ago

too late for fence sitters to lament

Divorce is a messy and difficult process and I understand why we dont want to face up to it. But grieving and lamenting it will not make it go away. In the past 40 years the attempts to mend the relationship between Liberals and Traditionalists have failed. Blaming those who tried to do so is not helpful. Bemoaning the controversy as though it could have been avoided by more patient waiting is in fact the same argument put forward to Dr Martin Luther King by white Southern clergy. As Dr King noted in his Letter from a Birmingham jail the patient waiting did not produce the needed changes only postponed them indefinitely. 40+ years waiting in the UMC apparently is not long enough for some folks who do not have to live with the problem and are annoyed by the inconvenience it creates and the uncertainty it poses for the future.

It is time to gird up your loins and get on with what needs to be done unpleasant and difficult as it surely will be.

I am of the option that Christianity is in decline because the gap between the modern world view and the mythological framework of the Bible is too wide for educated people to cross. God has become irrelevant for many people. But on top of that the controversy and condemnations that has emerged and then magnified by those who have a desire to split the UMC have gone a long way toward alienating people...especially the young...from the churches.

As a consequence it is time...past time really to. ut our losses by finding an amicable separation granting as much space as may be needed to distance the combatants and refocus attention what are seen to be the strategical goals of the separated Methodist churches. I believe in death and resurrection. The photo of bombed out Covenatry Cathedral is o ly half the story. The Cathedral was rebuilt...not as a gothic copy of the original, but instead as a contemporary expression of faith and dedicated to the work of world peace. I bid Methodists to take off the dark glasses and envision a new church raising out of the collapse of the old. Now is the time for us to believe our our message and move forward with hope in God's promise to be with us always and to call us anew to the work of the Gospel.

Sarah J Flynn more than 1 year ago

Well Said

Thank you Sister Sarah. As usual you have stated the issue with great clarity. And I love the imagery of resurrection.

Dean Emerson more than 1 year ago

Our legacy is theological plurality

And it is playing out over one single presenting issue--sexuality. And just exactly how are we supposed to deal with the larger problem when the larger problem is that we are all working from different perspectives about who God is, who we are in relation to God and how the church exists in relation to the culture around us? In short, our larger problem is that we are no longer on the same page when it comes to understanding what it means to be a United Methodist.

betsy more than 1 year ago

Same Page?

We have never been on the same page. Given no two people think alike, is it really surprising that we are not all on the same page?

First century Christians weren't on the same page. Peter and Paul were not even on the same page. Why should we be?

Solution: Recreate the Big Tent Church. Rid the BOD, our laws, of all rhetoric focusing on LGBT individuals, so the BOD becomes a neutral law book giving room for every one of us to exist without shame or abuse. Allow people to believe whatever they want in their hearts.

Problem solved, and no divorce necessary.

Ben more than 1 year ago

Well said, Ben

Unfortunately, as shown by the Traditionalist response to the One Church Plan, they seem to feel that allowing LGBTQ+ folks to marry/be clergy is a direct assault on their faith, and they will not give assent to that.

I'm sorry that this has come to pass.

JR more than 1 year ago

One day...

"Sometime they’ll give a war and nobody will come."

I would guess that's because there's nobody left.

"The only winning move is not to play. How about a nice game of chess?"

JR more than 1 year ago