Traditionalists’ Event Draws Big Crowd



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Chris Ritter never met a spotlight he didn't love.

Wayne 268 days ago

Each week 99.2% of the US population

reject the UMC. The US UMC only serves 0.8% of the US population.

Even if ALL the UM attendees gathered in one place it would be less than one percent of the US

ALL UM gatherings are tiny

Richard F Hicks 269 days ago

Don't be ridiculous

It undermines any argument you might have.

JR 269 days ago


Mr Ewing

My point is clear

The UMC of no consequence in American life

The arguments being made are meaningless to the life of the UMC

In the near future the several newly divorced continuing demons

“But if can only get rid of those people we’d be pure and success will once again return.” is the belief all of the several groups now in conflict in the GenCon divorce court.

The UMC has dwindled to such a poor state we’re now in hospice.

If one cuts a hospice patient into parts health doesn’t return


Richard F Hicks 269 days ago

Try to stop mixing your metaphors

In a divorce, people can move on from a difficult situation and find happiness.
In an amputation, sometimes you remove a limb to save the rest. That limb doesn't survive on it's own, of course.

You can't make an omelet without breaking a few eggs (and I find a good omelet to be a vastly superior product).

The purity test is rampant - not just in the UMC offshoots, but in American society. Political parties, immigration issues, socioeconomic issues, etc etc ad nauseam.

JR 268 days ago

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