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UMC Bishops Choose to Stop, Collaborate, and Listen. Will We?



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Or Pause, Conspire, Listen to their own Echo Chamber

Or did they pause, conspire so their could listen to their own echo.

If we Methodists could gamble, I'd give you 50/50 odds that May Day (May1 2021) is the day the workers unite and the WCA becomes the GMC.

If bishops are listening, why aren't we hearing about their listening circuit riding schedule?

The deafening silence of the bishops provides only for conspiracies and half-truths space to run amock.

Typical mediocre lurchship when leadership is needed.

Richard Hicks 302 days ago

UMC Bishops....

Jeremy - Were you listening in to our church's recent Zoom Bible Study of Psalm 118? We asked many of these same questions. Several of us came to the conclusion that God is giving us extra time to re-evaluate where we are going as a church denomination and to re-examine our mission as disciples of Christ. Thanks for a timely and thoughtful article.

CJ 302 days ago

"If the GMC is going to launch, then why wait?"

Your article asks the question many of us are asking: If the GMC is going to launch, then why wait? If GMC is waiting on 25 million, then it's about money and putting faith in mana rather than God. Abram offers us a way forward. When quarreling broke out among the shepherds of Lot and Abram, Abram offered Lot first dibs. Abram didn't delay, negotiate, demand a fair split. He simply said, "Let’s part company. If you go to the left, I’ll go to the right; if you go to the right, I’ll go to the left.” This bickering has gone on too long. There are couples who wish to be married. There are individuals who wish to be ordained. There are individuals who wish to hear, learn, and live out the commands, promises and words of God. Let us cease quarreling and move on.

Pirate Preacher 302 days ago