UMC Next Plan Would End LGBTQ Restrictions



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Next - the great divorce

With apologies to C S Lewis

Next is proposing The Great Divorce

The conservatives are fed up and are already packing up and speaking to attorneys.

Let's make this a pleasant as we can.

My first wife and I had a no fault divorce 18 months after marriage. Whatever we both had on the day the divorce became final was the property settlement.

Let's do the same

Thank you

Richard F Hicks more than 1 year ago

UMC Next

They want a special GC in 2022 to consider their plan. I don't see that happening. If they are serious about their plan they better get some petitions submitted by the upcoming deadline. No telling what will happen between now and 2022.

Kevin more than 1 year ago

A deaf plan

This is not a compromise plan. It had no traditional input and is deaf to the concerns of traditionalists. It is a polyanna list of desires of the leadership of mainstream umc and umc next. The only bone they throw traditionalists is if you can muster a super majority of a church you have the right to empty your cash reserves, pay a bunch of money and leave. Traditionalist still have the majority of gc votes and this plan makes as much sense as bringing the OCP to a traditional majority. Again your not listening. It will never pass. Bard-Jones and the Indy plans are far better. If they are too complicated then go with a new "simple plan", eliminate or suspend the trust clause. The conferences have paid little or nothing on most local churches and the trust clause only serves as a way for the AC to control the local churches. That's why wesley started it in first place. Suspend it, let those leave who want to, and let those remain decide how to run the umc. The trust clause is a paragraph in The bod and can be changed by gc action. This ends problems with pensions , agencies, and church assets. Works under the KISS principle.

Scott more than 1 year ago

All Talk, No Action

“During the candid and prayerful discussions, the group agreed that it seems inevitable that there will be some form of separation of the church as a way to resolve the impasse,”

Really? You are just now coming to that conclusion? I could have told you that in 1972.

While you people continue to talk and talk and talk without action, I am hanging out in the Episcopal Church. Let me know when you actually decide to ACT.

Ben more than 1 year ago