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"The Traditionalists have to leave?"

My great-grandparents were Methodists and my father and I both retired from the UMC ministry. For the sake of me, I can't understand why the "traditionalists" have to separate while a minority of the UMC gets to stay, complete with the name. The UMC is already established. Let the LGBTQ community establish a new denomination. Further, just why was the WCA, with a stated membership of 125,000 in 1500 churches (CT 1/4/2020) get to speak for the millions of conservatives who sit in the pews every Sunday? One further point: The separating denomination gets $25,000,000. However, page five indicates that "$13M of this sum represents a contribution from the post-separation Traditional Methodist Denomination, made possible by their decision to forgo receiving these funds". Now, how in the world can a denomination, not yet formed, decide to "forgo" funds?
This protocol is not much more than the culmination of decades of certain "evangelicals" trying to pull away from the UMC and they intend to do if for their own sakes, regardless of the harm it will cause to tens of thousands of local United Methodist Churches.
My opinion is to allow the LGBTGQ+ adherents and other "progressives" to use the protocol to leave the UMC, instead of mandating millions of United Methodists to become pawns in some ill-conceived plan to start somebody's own denomination.

Larry R. Neal 83 days ago

Progressive protocol

I agree with Larry. The progressives, who obviously want to make their own rules should depart the United Methodist Church. They should form their own body. God has given His standards in the Holy Bible. You either accept all of it, or none of it. You don't choose, or delete, or change His words. The book of discipline is a man made guide. The only relavent book is God's Book. Look what happened when the Pharisees made rules. If you don't like the rules, leave...

Shirley 77 days ago

Sailing along

Looking at the idea of a ship brings several thoughts.
A. has the crew committed mutiny, taken over the mission and now demands to be paid for the ship?
B. have the cruise-ship passengers sabotaged the ship running it aground?
C. did a number of people disembark for shore excursions, get dazzled by the bright lights, and forget to return to the ship?
D. are we just 're-arranging the deck chairs on the Titanic' with all of the proposals talking AT each other?
E. are we just sailing in circles having misplaced the compass and the SEXtant?

wil meiklejohn 85 days ago

Too Late

That ship has sailed.

EJ 86 days ago

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