We Should Reject the Power Tactics of the Neocolonial Group Leaving the United Methodist Church



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“Neocolonialists who are ready to do anything to achieve their desired goals as they consider lives of central conference delegates expendable.”?
Forgive me Rev. Nyarota, but your credibility ended for me in this post at that statement.
I am currently reading a book titled The Next Methodism, editors Kenneth J. Collins and Ryan N. Danker, published by Seedbed Publishing, Franklin, TN. After reading this post, I skipped ahead in the book to Chapter 35 (or essay #35; it is a compilation of essays or brief writings by many different Methodist writers) titled The Future of Methodism in Africa by Jerry P. Kulah (West Africa Coordinaor of the UMC Africa Initiative). After reading this essay, I felt confirmed in a much more positive understanding of the UMC in Africa.
I would encourage others disturbed by this post by Rev. Nyarota to examine the essay that I read this morning in The Next Methodism.
Actually, having now read all but 3 of the 35 essays in the book, I feel confident enough to recommend the entire book to all who consider themselves Methodists. It has been challenging and very educational for me.

Scott S 36 days ago