What Would It Take for Us to Dream Anew?



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Not the White Privilege argument!

Seriously everything can't be chalked up to the White privilege argument! It keeps coming up in various forms for varying groups. It is taking a serious argument that has held down minorities for centuries here and is being used in a context that is inappropriate. The conference and cabinet are going to try and make their argument. My issue is that on both sides of the argument pastors have decided to pat the parishioners on their heads and tell them to run along while the adults work this out. I don't think this is a valid approach and pushes people away when this can be least afforded. As a Black man, I believe that now is our turn to support the millions of LGBTQ activists who over the years have supported civil rights issues. We have an obligation to lend our voices because as their movement goes so goes our movement. But we have to realize that these are two different civil rights issues. The LGBTQ community encompasses all sexes, races, creeds, and colours. It is a very different movement that requires just as much of our attention as the civil rights issues of people of Colour.

eric more than 2 years ago

Not White Privilege

Ben didn't say WHITE privilege, he said privilege (period). The people who are beneficiaries of the current system are the loudest opponents to changing it. As recent meetings by groups in Minneapolis and Kansas City said, it is some centrists who are trying to salvage the institution and maintain the status quo -- thus opposing any kind of amicable separation or departure plan.

Thomas A Lambrecht more than 2 years ago


Dreaming?! That’s what we’ve been doing at least since 1970 when the UMC American decline began. Less dreaming and more doing is the answer to reversing decline

Richard F Hicks more than 2 years ago