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Part 2: Millennials want a church that unifies rather than divides



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Squandered Legacy

After being adrift a number of years I looked up my local UMC out of sentimental reasons of happy childhood memories and hoping it would be a refuge. I remember a teenage girl playing the guitar and singing to us small kids. But I needed to find out if it was the nightmare I already knew it had become, a woman pastor with a hyphenated last name and Methodist men that are the essence of non-manliness in my opinion. It's bizarre also that 'logic' was an important theological attribute to early Methodism. It now seems one of the more self-conflicted religions out there, trying to reconcile a 2000 year old Middle Eastern religion with 20th century dingbat liberalism.
So much about the church was good. I guess death does indeed take everything in the end.

RM more than 1 year ago

But what is the good news of Christ?

I finally had to wander away from church before I found a God worth worshiping--I am 64 and a Boomer; just maybe the millennials are as tired as I am of the garbled message of the United Methodist Church who ceased to be truly Methodist when it embraced theological plurality!

Joan more than 2 years ago

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