Bishops Strengthen Ties with Episcopalians



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This article makes me imagine two antique vehicles in search of spare parts…

With non-denominational mega-churches, and small local non-denoms showing about the only growth in the church industry, why is it important that managements of the UMC and the ECUSA spend time and money chasing “full communion”? By the way, how did the Sears/K-Mart merger work out?
And, why, in this modern media environment of 24-hour news cycles, would a management focus be on what happened 200 years or so ago? Who cares? We are where we are today and the future is at hand with the Word to guide us… the words and actions of mere mortals over the last centuries are of no interest to most of us. Wesley was great. Did great work. Is not a saint. Is not in the Bible.
Having been a member of both (Methodist by birth, ECUSA by marriage for a few years) I don’t really see the fit. Yes, the inspiration of Wesley and the basic protestant beliefs are similar enough, but I bet if you took a bus of real regular Methodists over to a “High-Episcopal” service, the survey afterward would have questions like: “What’s with all the kneeling?”, ”Was that real wine?”, “Why does everybody drink out of the same cup? Yuck!”, “That was music? – For church or funerals?” “Was that a sermon? – I didn’t get the point.”
Of course, had the bus taken a “High Church” crowd over to the Methodist Church, survey results might read, “Grape juice? You’re kidding, right?”, “Nobody there kneels to pray?”, “Is that church music or country?” No comment on sermons…
But, my question is, “why?” Having once been a prisoner of corporate life, I recognize a management compulsion to reach out, during market share loss, in search of “synergy” and “strategic alliances”, but when both denominations are sinking, shouldn’t they be focusing on the leaks rather than “preparation of legislation to carry out the full communion proposal — “A Gift to the World: Co-Laborers for the Healing of Brokenness.” Seriously?
Of course, the 800 lb canary in the room is the LGBTQ Christians, super-sized with the UMC 2019 GC. How will that result impact this “full communion”? Churches that are growing these days are welcoming to all for inspiring/challenging messaging, deliverance from evil, but clearly stand, “we are going to run this place our way.” Churches that are scrounging for spare parts are more flexible, yet finding “Anything goes” just isn’t selling…

Reese more than 1 year ago

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