E. Stanley Jones on Christ and Unity



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e stanley jones

Brother Stanley was a hero-saint and guide in my ministry and his writings still preach with power: consider THE RECONSTRUCTION OF THE CHURCH; ON WHAT PATTERN? as very relevant. I was in India when he died and mourned his passing. His emphasis on Christ was refreshing then, and now; his comment about shifting from preaching holiness to the One who makes us holy was rooted in his loving reaction to the holiness tradition that he claimed that occasionally stumbled by straining knats and swallowing camels. He also was aware of what the Nazi-friendly 'German Christian Church' did to pervert the saying that 'doctrine divides' to gut its importance in recasting a pseudo-Christian pagan religion that 'reinterpreted" virtually every Christian doctrine and concept into notions bearing no likeness to Christian reality. And he would have been truly bewildered to learn that his beloved church , in some areas, had placed the resurrection of Jesus or his singular status as universal savior and Lord into categories of interpretation that left Jesus physically in the grave and as one way among many to reach God. By all means, I hope he is rediscovered by folks on left and right and points between. I sign off with his call sign in ministry: Jesus is Lord.

bob more than 2 years ago

The problem is

For decades, the United Methodist Church has not been clear about who Jesus is. I know because after a lifetime of being loyal church-going Methodist/United Methodist, I became so lost broken and confused I was forced to wander away from church to find an understanding of the triune God that made sense of all the random pieces of understanding that I had acquired. In a flash, Christianity of the Methodist/Wesleyan persuasion went from feeling like rocket science to being simply unfathomable. I was finally standing in the wide open space of God's amazing grace wondering why nobody had cleared up the confusion a long time ago. That is when I started cruising the internet, listening to every voice I could find from within the UMC. I was stunned at the cacophony of conflicting and contradictory theologies present across the denomination. I am no longer surprised that the American branch of The United Methodist Church has marked 50 years--and counting--of numerical decline because people are not choosing to become United Methodist. And now there are those that want to make contradictory and conflicting theologies the norm? No thank you!

betsy more than 2 years ago

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