Europeans Give More to Central Conferences Than the WCA



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European giving per memeber

Its worth noting that the there are about 66 600 members and adherents of the UMC in Germany, Norway, Switzerland and France (France and Switzerland are one annual conference and both support Connexio) countries so that gives an average of just under $50 per member given to the central conferences. The US based agencies give 40 million and the UMC in the US has a membership of about 6.95 million. So that gives an average of $6.76 per member. Of course Europeans also contribute to the General Funds which support the US based agencies.

David Field more than 1 year ago

US money to Central Conferences

ATTENTION ALL DINOSAURS - whether UMC central HQ bureaucrats or those at the WCA. None of you are needed.

There is this thing called the inter web net gizmo which allows TRILLIONS of dollars to flow around the globe each nanosecond

Here I am in Nowhere, Oklahoma can send $1 or $1,000s to a Methodist congregation or mission station in Nowhere, Nowhereland. Youse guys at central command aren't needed

As Thomas Friedman wrote - The internet made the world flat and connected

So much so that London-based Oxfam's reseach has shown that "worker remittances" are the largest form of foreign aid. That is - someone working and earning in the industrialized west sends money back home to Nowhere, Nowhereland and no government touches the money

I don't know how the inter web net works. I don't have to know how it works. It just works. And we don't need you.

Thank you.

Richard F Hicks more than 1 year ago

That's an interesting point

But now it's time to put your money where your mouth is, Richard.

How much have you sent over to any of the central conferences? I'd like a 3 year, perhaps a 5 year accounting.

Shouldn't take you too long to put that together.

And have you set up financial instruments to keep sending those funds? What happens if you unexpectedly pass on - would the funding continue?

C'mon, Richard. You know better.

JR more than 1 year ago

Misleading Reporting

Sir, I find it EXTREMELY disingenuous to compare
Central Conference giving from Europe with a fund that was just announced and begun by the WCA. I can assure you that many tithes and offerings by conservative Methodists have been going to the central conferences for decades. These Methodists would tend to line up with the WCA/traditionalist view. If this wasn’t a straw man, I have never seen one. Progressives are waging an all out media war and are trying to shape the narrative. Unless there is more $ coming from Stryker Medical’s propaganda arm, there won’t be many progressive dollars to speak of. Time to part ways.

RG more than 1 year ago

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