Global Ministries Team Responds to 'Wonder, Love and Praise'

Part 1 from Missions Agency



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Needs more work

"How are lay licensed local pastors and clergy elders different when they serve similar functional roles?" Under the current BOD, licensed local pastors are non-ordained CLERGY and whose licenses are valid only for the time they are under appointment, whether to serve in a local church or in an extension ministry. Yet "laity," in the strictest sense of the word, incorporates the ordained, so there's a false dichotomy when one tries to distinguish between "lay" and "clergy." It is better to conceive of clergy as being called out from (yet still an integral part of) the larger body of Christ. The WLP in its current form is quite shallow in its ecclesiology. Better to scrap the efforts to tie it to the WCC work and focus on Wesleyan distinctives regarding the entire body of believers. And at the very least the authors need to correct their understanding of the UMC's different ministerial offices.

John 269 days ago