Interfaith Gathering Rallies Support for Muslims



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UMC and the muslims.

Islam is at war with every other religion and government on the face of the planet. Why aren't these "moderate" muslims out in the streets and on media making loud noises against that little fact. Smiling faces tell lies. The Koran encourages lying to the face of their "enemies."

LiveOak11 more than 7 years ago

Your assertion is without foundation

"Islam" is not at war with anyone. BTW, moderate Muslims are vociferous in condemning violence by islamacist exremists. Much more than so-called "Christians" are at condemning violence right here in the U.S by christianist extremists, who have killed more innocents in America than islamacists since 9-11. Hint: you won't hear this on Faux News.

George Nixon Shuler more than 7 years ago

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