Should the UMC Have Missional Rather Than Geographic Annual Conferences?



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Why jurisdictions?

Is it incorrect to say that jurisdictions were a function of the unification of the North and South? It was a union but not quite a full union. Why do we continue this? It doesn't seem to serve any purpose other than to divide. We basically are developing 5 versions of Methodism within the U.S. The bishops in each jurisdiction elect their own which develops unique flavors of thought in each jurisdiction. Why shouldn't we just have one jurisdiction? The plus of the multi-branch is that we go from 5 to 3.

William more than 3 years ago

Missiology Is Not the Issue, Theology Is

It seems like you are confusing missiology with theology here. The RC Church also has the Magesterium and the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith to ensure compliance with Catholic faith and doctrine, sort of like if the Book of Discipline was actually enforced as written. The RC Church has a history of correction when folks stray too far afield on matter of doctrine, the UMC much less so; "think and let think" as well as the four legged stool have been used to cover a multitude of doctrinal errors and promulgation of outright heresy. When a UMC bishop can publicly proclaim that the Apostles Creed is in error (Yes, I mean Joe Sprague) and no disciplinary action is taken, you have lost any hope of containing heterodoxy within the UMC. This is the real issue going on here; the sexuality issues are just a symptom.

Dan more than 3 years ago


When I first saw the headline, I thought how awesome to create Methodist mission orders ala the Trappists or the Franciscans. I thought, Methodism ought to have a Theressa Hoover order; a Bishop Dale White order; an Adam Hamilton order; etc. The Deaconesses are an order. But how awesome and necessary to create a "rule of life" modeled after Theressa Hoover. I like this distinction.

Christopher more than 3 years ago

Copy the Catholic Church? Seriously? Are you nuts??

We are Americans. We are Protestants. The endless line of differences is too long and boring. Nor should we emulate "Catholic Light", the Episcopalians; that denomination is on extinction over-drive. My vote? Split, progressive and traditional, and let those two new denominations work out their own rules and regs and future - totally independent of each other and the baggage of the last 40 years.

Reese more than 3 years ago

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