The Rorschach Wesley Test



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I agree with your assessment

Wesley's thought crisscrossed multiple faith traditions. But what you left out was his desire to construct a practical religion for a plain people. After 60+ years I can fully testify that the UMC is failing miserably in that category. I became so lost and confused in trying to understand what Christianity is really about, I finally had to distance myself from the church before I discovered the triune God of holy love who is most definitely way more verb than noun and is most definitely a God worth worshiping. And my teaching came from multiple teachers from the communion of saints past an present who crisscrossed multiple faith traditions. Christianity went from feeling like rocket science to being simply unfathomable! And although Methodism was born of a uniting elements from various faith traditions and makes it hard to "pin Wesley down", I feel fairly confident that Wesley would not be impressed with the plethora of understandings that are currently running amuck in the American branch of the UMC. He was very particular what was taught in the Methodist Societies he oversaw; something the UMC lost hold of a long time ago!.

Betsy more than 5 years ago

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