Why United Methodists Need to Better Understand Straight Marriage

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Something missing

Dr. Scott. Absent from your blog are many things, but I would opine that most glaring is anything from the Holy Bible which is the Word of God. Where, if at all, do the Scriptures have any influence on your understanding of human sexuality? Why does it seem that you are more willing to conform to the norms of a secular culture that has clearly lost any semblance of a “Christian nation” and is in a period of “progressive” decadence and decay? Are your beliefs not incompatible with those of the denomination from which you receive your paycheck? Are your beliefs also incompatible with human anatomy and natural reproductive physiology?

Scott S 196 days ago


I can respect your opinion, but i can't agree with the gymnastics that you are performing in order to overturn christian teachings on marriage to justify your opinion. This line of argument may help some to found a new denomination, but won't convince traditional believers to redefine sin.

td 201 days ago

Kingdom or culture?

There's no question that Western understandings of marriage have changed over time... but is that the right yardstick for the church to use? It seems more appropriate for the church to express to the culture a Kingdom understanding of marriage than for a worldly culture (Western or otherwise) to express to the church its own expression of marriage.

John 202 days ago

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