A Christian Alternative to Divestment From Israel



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Israel divestment

I have been a Methodist for about eight months now. It's like I've found Heaven. Then I hear of these actions against Israel. How could this even happen in a church? They are God's chosen people and that is Israel's land, not the palestenians. They need to be relocated and a divestment raised against them for supplying our military weapons and ammunition for our wars. If the UMC turns on Israel in any way, I'm out of here, so would other Methodists I'm certain. Then maybe after the Senior Citizens die off, the gays can take the church over. We need to keep our standards of business in the same accord as the Bible that we preach and all is based on.

Regina more than 4 years ago

Divestment from the occupation of Palestine

Rev Joyner fails completely to consider the power differential between Israel and the Palestinians. Justice and reconciliation are unlikely to happen as long as the Israeli government holds almost all the power over every aspect of life in the Palestinian territories.
The divestment petitions do not advocate divesting from Israel. They ask for divestment from corporations, specifically US corporations, that are enabling and profiting from the illegal occupation of Palestinian land.
Commentaries like this will not be helpful if they do not accurately describe the actions in the petitions. Nor will they be helpful as long as they attribute equal availability of options and power to Israel and to the Palestinians.
I wonder if Rev Joyner has ever visited Palestine.

Jan Nelson more than 4 years ago

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